Barron County Jail Inmate
     Sex: Male
     Birth Year: 1986
     Age: 34
     Height: 5'08"
     Weight: 240
     Race: White
     Hair Color: Brown
     Eye Color: Blue
     Complexion: Fair
2020-02-11 19:29:34.0    2020-02-11 19:30:16.0    
Commitment Date: 2/11/2020 Release Date:  
Case # Offense Date Code Charge Description
2019CF041 2/11/2020 948.02(1)(C) 1st degree sex asslt child <16
2019CF041 2/11/2020 948.10(1)(a) EXPOSING GENITAL OR PUBIC AREA
2019CF041 2/11/2020 948.075(1)(n) Use of computer for child sex
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